Submission Guidelines

Submissions Guidelines Nu Wave Comix


Hello there, and thank you for your interest in publishing with Nu Wave Comix. We are always actively seeking new publishable content, no matter the scope or genre. We will never discriminate against the creator due to age, biological gender, religion, sexual preference or identity, ethnicity, or political affiliation. With all that said, please read our guidelines below, and wish you the best of luck!




First and foremost, Nu Wave Comix will only publish creator-owned works. We do not assemble creative teams to work on story ideas, which means we only produce finished "READY FOR PRINT" material that you own. Please do not submit something that you do not own the copyrights to, as it will automatically be rejected.


Second is that we will not pay page rates. Nu Wave takes a percentage off the books published and sold and have no involvement with a contract between the creator and their staff.


Third thing. We are here to make products to sell, and sometimes things change from the initial pitch to print. This is why Nu Wave reserves the right to suggest changes. For example, if it is found that the title may be awkward, the logo is hard to read, or even the cover art doesn't fit our quality control, we will ask for a change. If desired, Nu Wave will work with the creator to find the desired results (after all, you make money, we make money). But, we will NEVER make ANY changes without the creator's approval.




1. All proposals MUST be submitted as an email, and physical mail will be rejected. Important! Submissions will not be returned!


2. Please send a short cover letter which tells us about you as a professional and your project. Important! do not forget to include your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and a fax number (if you have one).


3. We want a one-page synopsis of the story arch. Whether it is a monthly series or a 20 paged one-shot, we want to understand the general story you are telling but remember that we want it as brief and clear as possible. Please include significant plot points, spoilers, and why your piece is different from anything currently being published on the market. We also want to know your target audience and whether your book will be black and white or color, a one-shot, miniseries, an ongoing series, or a graphic novel. In some cases, Nu Wave reserves the right to suggest changes to the format to serve the market best.


4. Attach everything to the email. DO NOT write any information in the body of the email other than "Hello. My name is "Whomever you may be," and I am attaching the required items for the submissions process."


5. Send scans of completed inked and lettered sequential story art pages. Please do not send us character sketches and/or bios. We want five finished pages, which means we want inked and lettered. Colored pages are not a must only if you want your book to be in full color--if it is color, do not send black and white pages. We want to see a sample of the finished product.


6. Attach a mock-up cover for the first issue. Covers are essential in the comic book game; we need to know that you understand what is required in order to get a customer to pick up your book based solely on your cover art and design.


7. Once you have that all ready, send the email titled "Formal Submission to Nu Wave Comix" to




People whom you say are working on your pitch must be the same people working on the product! For example, in your pitch, you tell us that Johnny Joe Walker is the artist; we expect to see his name on every issue released under that title. If he happens to drop and leave the project, you will need to produce a new pitch with the new artist's name and works. Suppose you decided that Mr. Walker just is not working out as well as planned after we obtain your title for publications. Please notify the Managing Editor of any changes to the product.

Do not find us on social media and message us about a submission, or send them a direct submission. This we get your project rejected.

We do not send out rejection letters. Why? Because one, they are a bummer, and two, that takes time out of someone's busy schedule to write one. If you do not hear from us in a month, go ahead and consider it declined.

Do not attach letters of praise or testimonials because we want the samples to impress us, not that you showed it off at a con and a comic professional loved it. That leads to a biased perception of the project and will automatically be rejected.

We understand we have the same the following multiple time, but it is a point that needs to be driven home. We do not care what genre your book is. All we want is a skillfully written story, with fantastic artwork, by people who are self-motivated and can meet deadlines.

Another point mentioned throughout this website is that your rights stay with you at all times! Regardless of if we reject or accept your project, the rights never leave the creator!