Anna Chronism


One day, when Johnny is walking
home from school, a girl from the
future falls on top of him while battling
an evil robot.

From there, Johnny finds himself on
an adventure through space and time
with matters of life and death and
twists and turns with the amazing
Anna Chronism.

But, despite traveling to the future,
the far reaches of outer space, and
through time, death is always just one
step behind Johnny and Anna...

Joe Plant

Hanna Strauss

Do you enjoy sci-fi stories that are told with a comedic tone and at the same time convey an environmental message? You will like following JOE  PLANT© along on his hero’s journey while he attempts to help save the world from ecological disaster. JOE PLANT© used to be human botanist,  JOE SMITH. While working, he encounters a strange plant he cannot identify. Upon touching the plant, it stabs him. What Joe doesn’t realize at the time is that the plant has transferred some of its DNA into his body.  Eventually, he transforms into a human/plant mutation possessing plant generating powers as well as the ability to converse with plants and animals. As a result of this, Joe (and because of his environmental awareness) has given himself the noble mission to help save and restore habitats that are dying and deteriorating. His mission takes him around the world where he encounters different antagonists and unique challenges to overcome to achieve his goals.
Issue 1 of “JOE PLANT COMIX” entitled “JOE PLANT’S AMAZING  ADVENTURES IN THE AMAZON RAINFOREST” takes our hero to Brazil.  He is aware that illegal gold mining in the Amazonas Region is destroying the rainforests and the native people living there are suffering due to the actions of the criminal miners. He wants to regrow the rainforests to ensure the survival of thousands of species as well as the lives of the native people.  The story shows JOE PLANT’s© unconventional trip to Brazil and traveling along the Amazon River which includes unique and funny animal and plant encounters. Eventually, he meets the Yanomami people. At first, they fear his presence because of his powers and appearance; thinking that he is a  formidable spirit. Eventually, he wins their trust and the Yanomami realize that he is their friend. Together, they manage to drive away from the destructive miners off the land they live on and as a result, allow the rainforest to heal and regrow. JOE PLANT© will always be regarded as a lifelong friend of the  Yanomami people.
Issue 2, entitled “JOE PLANT: ORIGINS” explains how JOE SMITH  becomes JOE PLANT© and is basically a story of self-realization. He learns to accept his new persona and has made some new friends. A bumblebee and hummingbird live in his head of dense leaves and become his personal guides through his journey of self-discovery. His main conflict is dealing with a  tenacious and greedy commercial real estate agent who repeatedly attempts to convince Joe to sell his property to a developer who wishes to turn the area into a mall. Joe fights back. He has devoted his energies to maintaining a  community garden containing native plants and food crops to help feed the needy in his community. Elaine Shudders, his nemesis, will not take ‘no’ for an answer. She will deploy any strategy she can to get Joe’s property into the hands of her clients…to the point of wanton ruthlessness. The outcome will have its twists and turns and surprises.
“JOE PLANT’© is the creation of artist and writer, Hanna Strauss. She studied comic art under the tutelage of Will Eisner and Harvey Kurtzman at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She has worked as a storyboard artist in animation, advertising, and motion picture features. She has worked on such titles as “The Crow”, “Shera, Princess of Power”, “Filmation’s  Ghostbusters”, “Bravestarr” “Captain Planet and the Planeteers” “Beverly  Hills Ninja”, “George of the Jungle”, and “Jem and the Holograms.” She has also worked as a biological technician assisting wildlife biologists with their research of endangered and protected plants and animals. This experience has been a major source of inspiration for her creation of JOE PLANT©.