Anna Chronism


One day, when Johnny is walking
home from school, a girl from the
future falls on top of him while battling
an evil robot.

From there, Johnny finds himself on
an adventure through space and time
with matters of life and death and
twists and turns with the amazing
Anna Chronism.

But, despite traveling to the future,
the far reaches of outer space, and
through time, death is always just one
step behind Johnny and Anna...

The Grokk

Jalal Walid Nasser

"Gem of Monsters"

Grokk on Mountain Keown Collection.jpg

The Grokk – Gem of Mysteries is a 144 page graphic novel and is the first book in an ongoing fantasy, action-adventure story that spans many worlds and introduces a wealth of characters, in particular the hero of our tale, The Grokk.

With the appearance of a mighty Yeti and an origin as yet unrevealed, we find him having taken residence as the guardian of nature on an undisclosed Earthlike planet elsewhere in vastness of the Milky Way Galaxy. This alien world is home to all manner of flora and fauna, filled with giant beasts and creatures beyond the wildest imagination. Unfortunately for the planet's more peaceful residents, it is also home to the fierce and murderous Greenskins; a horde of Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Ogres and beasts straight out of legend, hell bent on causing mayhem.

Aeons ago the Orc hero Tusk stumbled upon the Gem of Mysteries, which foretold of the coming of a destroyer, a great white ape who would bring an end to their vile ways and free the land from the plague of destruction they have spread in their never ending quest to expand their territory, whilst destroying all in their path.
The prophecy has been passed down through the Greenskin clans by a chain of shamans, wielders of primitive Orc 'magik'. Corvak, being the wisest shaman alive today, is the guardian of the Gem and keeper of the prophecy.

The Greenskin hordes are rallied under the command of Argorr, the fiercest of thier kind, who is determined to locate and destroy the Grokk before the prophecy can come to pass, yet through his actions he unwittingly starts a chain of events that once set in motion cannot be stopped.
On his quest to rescue his friends who have been kidnapped by the Greenskins scout patrols, the Grokk ends up battling the more vicious inhabitants of his planet; towering 50 foot invertebrates erupting from their subterranean dwellings, a giant reptile, Godzilla-esque in its size that tries to make a meal of him, swarms of flying horrors and a huge demonic bovine Troll bounty hunter with an ego to match his might and a knack for cheating death.

After following the Grokk on his wild adventures, the events in book one culminate in a final showdown at the Orcs grand temple.  Soon thereafter, a strange ship is spotted in the sky, alien interlopers bringing high technolgy to this primitive land, setting up the scene the for second book in the series, 'The Grokk - Arrivals'