Frequently Asked Questions 
Nu Wave Comix


What is Nu Wave Comix?

Nu Wave Comix is an Independent publisher created in 1995 for mature content. But today, we have opened the doors for all content, genres, and offers, from mini-series to graphic novels.


Who founded Nu Wave Comix?

Randolph Lofgren created New Wave Comix in 1995 as an outlet to create his own brand of comics.


Does Nu Wave Comix have a board of Directors? If so, who are the current members?

Nu Wave Does not, but John Kotsis sits on the Board of Directors for The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, LLC., which owns Nu Wave Comix.


What does "creator-owned" mean?

The term "creator-owned" means that each creator who publishes with Nu Wave Comix retains ALL of their copyrights. You create a new title; cool, it's yours! You create a new character, cool, that's too. Signed a mega-deal with a Hollywood Movie Studio; mega totally cool, it's your baby! We publish quality content for a cut of the sales. That's it! Everything remains with the creator!


How do I submit my comic/graphic novel idea or get greenlit for publication at Nu-Wave Comix?

Go to our submission page and send in a pitch. If We like it, we will be in touch. Oh, and we all like cookies. Hint... Hint...


Where can I find Nu Wave's comics and graphic novels?

Direct Market/Comic Shops:

We are currently looking for a distributor that meets our needs, like the former incarnation that utilized direct home sales. But we are expanding your reach and have a little something cooking in the background. Once we begin active publication, we will have a distribution package that will allow our book to be presented to retailers nationwide.


As a division of The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, we will also have a direct link to reach consumers as we offer direct sales via online at Myth Mart (www.mythmart.com).

Are creators on staff at Nu Wave Comix?

Creators are not employees of Nu Wave. They are independent contractors. We do not offer creative services such as writing, penciling, inking, coloring, lettering, and editing--all submissions sent to us must be finished. Nu-Wave is a publishing company, not a production company.


Where can I find the site terms of use?

Click for the Terms and Conditions.