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About Nu Wave Comix


Nu Wave Comix was founded in California during the comic boom of 1995 by Randolph Lofgren as a way to reach his goal of making mature-based comic books from the Independent Market, creating Dream Catchers and Hardcore Harry. By the end of the year, the licensing was sold to the Yoshmira Family, wherewith the advent of Comics online, Produced Multiple Storyline. In 2000, the rights were purchased by Dark Myth Productions and the following year ended the Meltdown Saga, creating an end to each title. In 2017, Randolph returned as the Managing Editor and felt that the original direction needed to be updated, and he re-branded the division to NU WAVE COMIX. Adding the “U” to new was a reminder that everything was made for “you.” In addition, he wanted to revive one title from each generation, so he chose Hardcore Harry and Sorority Slaughters. Now, under the direction of newly appointed Managing Editor John Kotsis, NU Wave Comix is shifting gears and dedicating its resources to publish, as Mr. Lofgren said it, “YOU,” the Independent Comic Book Makers! Nu Wave will publish comics and graphic novels in every genre, sub-genre, and style (As long as it is not deemed racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, and overall rooted in hate speech. We are here for “YOU”!